Internationalisation@Home Toolkit

The main aim of Toolkit is to make VET Practice Enterprises more globally oriented and internationally connected. Each national PE no longer exist only within their borders because the most successful and highly valued projects, initiatives or events in PE network are developed with international partners.

Digital PE integrates policies, programs, initiatives and a variety of distance learning approaches for increasing PE learners’ capacities to work in an international environment, offers all learners global perspectives within their programme of learning, whether or not they spend time abroad.

The Toolkit will increase the learners’ motivation to prepare their selves for international market and engagement as well as their active participation and performance in digital PE activities.

Tools for increasing internationalisation at home

Some examples are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet. Can be used for connecting with people, most offer features such as screen sharing, and some offer real-time translation to help facilitate communication.

Some examples are Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta stone. Can be used to practice a language, to build the communication skill in the target language. This can also help boost confidence and willingness to try speaking a language.

Tools such as Google Drive, Trello, OneDrive, Asana. These tools allow sharing of files, assigning tasks, and collaborating across borders.

Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn. Can be used to expand your international network by connecting with people from different countries. They also allow you to stay up-to-date on international news and events, though be cautious due to the nature of their algorithms you could be presented from only one perspective of a story or even get misinformation.

Some examples are iEARN or Global Nomads Group. Can help you connect with people from different countries and cultures. These programs may involve virtual exchange sessions, online discussions and cultural projects.


A tool to support learning in the digital age


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