Model & Framework

The Framework encompasses planned digital PE skills, presents digital learning program instances, and imparts insights and recommendations drawn from surveys and focus group interviews. The document serves as a methodological guide for advancing future outcomes. It outlines the utility in applying the model, especially compared to the standard Practice Enterprise model, highlights its integration into education, including curricula and learning environment design on employing the DIGIPRAC model for new schools aiming to incorporate digital entrepreneurial and business skills

DigComp is a framework that outlines the digital competences individuals need in order to effectively navigate the digital world. It was developed to promote digital literacy and skills across various sectors of society. The framework is organized into five areas.

  • Information and Data Literacy: The ability to search, locate, retrieve, and store digital information efficiently and ethically
  • Communication and Collaboration: Skills in using digital tools for communication, collaboration, and interaction
  • Digital Content Creation: The ability to create and edit digital content using various tools and platforms
  • Safety: Knowledge and practices related to online safety, privacy, and security
  • Problem Solving: Capacity to use digital tools to solve problems, make decisions, and adapt to new digital technologies

DigComp is used as a reference for various educational and training programs to ensure that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age.Being digitally competent is more than being able to use the latest device or software. Digital competence is a key transversal competence that means being able to use digital technologies in a critical, collaborative and creative way. DigComp supports a comprehensive understanding of digital competence including issues such as information storage, digital identity, developing digital content and behaviour online, in everyday life such as working, shopping and participating in society.

EntreComp is a framework designed to define and assess entrepreneurial competences. It acknowledges that entrepreneurship is not limited to starting a business but encompasses a wide range of attitudes and skills that are valuable in various contexts. The framework is divided into three competence areas.

  • Ideas and Opportunities: Focusing on creativity, innovation, and recognizing opportunities
  • Resources: Covering skills related to planning, organizing, and managing resources effectively
  • Into Action: Encompassing competences related to taking initiative, persevering, and adapting in the face of challenges

EntreComp aims to foster a more entrepreneurial mindset and equip individuals with the skills needed to identify and seize opportunities, whether in business, social initiatives, or personal development. EntreComp has an important task in opening up conversations and understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial in all aspects of llife. EntreComp establishes the importance of entrepreneurship and initiative and sets out how people can develop this competence to make a contribution to economic, social and cultural challenges.


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